Availability of newly acquired high Resolution Airborne Geophysical Data

The Geological Survey of Tanzania is pleased to announce the availability of newly acquired high Resolution Airborne Geophysical Data covering Lupa Goldfield, and Singida and Handeni Corridor in Tanzania.

The Data was acquired in 2012 and 2013 Geotech Airborne Limited by Sander Geophysics Limited. Data Sander control was done by British Geological Survey in Collaboration with GST.

The ultimate goal of the airborne geophysics was to delineate targets for discovery of the new mineral deposits which will attract exploration investment in the mineral sector.

The regional airborne geophysical survey comprised of a 556,880 line kilometer fixed wing Magnetic and Radiometric Survey at a line spacing of 250m, ground clearance of 60m and 2,500m tie line spacing. Also a total of 57,980 line kilometer fixed wing Gravity survey has been flown utilizing 2,500m line spacing, ground clearance of 60m and 17,500m and 20,000m tie lines with sander Geophysics AIRGRAW System.

In addition, a number of selected areas have been flown with Geotechs Helicopters- Borne VTEM plus Electromagnetic system totaling 20,000 line kilometer utilizing 250m line spacing, ground clearance and 2,500 tie line spacing to delineate specific minerals.

The project areas:

Raw and processed data together with maps from these surveys are available at the Geological Survey of Tanzania.

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