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The Geological Survey of Tanzania is located in Dodoma municipality, which is the seat of the Government. Its physical and postal addresses are as follows:

Postal Address

Physical Address

Geological Survey of Tanzania,
P .O Box 903,
Kikuyu Avenue, Plot number - - -
Tel: +255 26 2323020
Fax: +255 26 2323020

E-mail addresses Official registry address
forename.surname Personal mail Geoscientific data, library and archives Services: geo-laboratory,  extension, geophysical,geohazard, geochemical exploration opportunities
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Management and Contacts Persons

Chief Executive  Prof. Abdulkarim H. Mruma
Director Business Support services  
Director Geological Services  
Director Database and Information Services  Yokbeth Myumbilwa
Director Laboratory Services  
Manager Applied Geology  Maruvuko E. Msechu
Manager Geological Mapping and Economic Geology
Manage Human Resources Development and Administration  Gabriel K. Kasase
Manager Cartography and Geoscientific Data Processing  Terence T. Ngole
Manager Library and Museum  Masota M. Magigita
Finance Manager  Nuru Kiterebu
Manager Manager: Petrology, Mineralogy and Mineral Processing  
Manager: Chemical Section  Mohamed Z. Makongoro
Internal Audit Unit
 Zitatu Pery
Manager of Planning and Marketig