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GST Roles and Functions

The roles of GST are:

  • To provide geo-scientific information, data and advisory services.
  • To assess geo-hazards.
  • To ensure efficient and effective management of GST.

The functions of GST include:

  • To acquire geo-scientific data and information through geo-scientific mapping, research in the fields and through laboratory analysis of varieties of samples for preparation of geo-scientific/mineral occurrence maps, reports, resource assessment and other developmental programs;
  • To provide geo-scientific advice, information and data to the Government to facilitate strategic decision making in mining, land use planning, environmental protection, geo-hazards management and development of other sectors of the economy;
  • To produce, process, maintain, archive and disseminate national geo-scientific data and information;
  • To maintain GST websites (Websites, web portal, web data shop) and ICT system;
  • To monitor and manage geo-hazards (earthquakes, volcanoes, landslides, mining effects, and pollution and waste disposal), their risks and mitigation;
  • To provide geo scientific laboratory services to the stakeholders;
  • To promote investment in mining industry through dissemination of geo-data, information and maps to the stakeholders nationally and internationally;
  • To collect/verify existing raw geoscientific data, information from mineral right holders and geoscientific research companies/Institutes;
  • To analyze, process and evaluate geological information and data (both raw and processed) submitted by mineral right holders;
  • To assess the net mineral resources potential of areas through detailed review of exploration reports and establish their authenticity and advice the government accordingly prior to mining to optimize use of the net mineral resources available in an area;
  • Issue “Export Permits” for the sample exports;
  • To conduct geo-technical studies to develop mechanical strength of rock masses; to establish soil and bed-rocks characteristics that are supporting foundations of civil structures; to assess quality of rock aggregates; and to provide advice on land use planning, construction and mining industry;
  • Provide geo-scientific services to small scale miners (ASM) on geological investigation, ore classification and characterization, as well as suitable beneficiation methods;
  • To perform geo-environmental studies related to mining activities and geological processes;
  • To improve GST human resource, working facilities and organization structure;
  • Perform any other function as may be assigned by the Government.