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The Geological Survey of Tanzania (GST) is responsible to acquisition, processing and storage of geoscientific data/information(custodian of the nation’s geoscientific data/information). The information collected are disseminated in user friendly format to stakeholders to facilitate the exploration and exploitation of earth available resources in promotion of mining investments in the country. GST monitors geo-hazards; verifying mineral resources and mineral occurrence information across the country; provide prospecting samples export permits; provide geo-environmental & geotechnical consultancy services; provide extension services to small scale miners as well as advice the Government on geoscientific technical issues.

Taarifa kwa Umma kwa Wamiliki wa Leseni za Utafiti na Uchimbaji wa Madini

Wakala wa Jiolojia Tanzania (Geological Survey of Tanzania - GST) inawakumbusha wamiliki wote wa Leseni za Utafiti na Uchimbaji Madini kuwasilisha takwimu na taarifa za utafiti/uchimbaji wa madini nchini.

Uwasilishwaji wa taarifa/takwimu hizo ni kwa mujibu wa vifungu vya Sheria ya Madini, Kifungu cha 27F (3) na (4) cha Sheria ya Madini Na. 14 ya Mwaka 2010 kama ilivyorekebishwa na ʺThe Written Laws (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act No. 7, 2017ʺ. Vifungu hivyo vinaelekeza kama ifuatavyo:

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Announcement of the Releas...

We announce the release of the new Minerogenic Map of Tanzania at a scale of 1:1,500,000. The map was compiled under the management of the Geological Survey of Tanzania (GST) by a team of Beak, GST, the University of Dar-es-Salaam, the Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg and the Southern and Eastern... Read More »

Availability of newly acqu...

The Geological Survey of Tanzania is pleased to announce the availability of newly acquired high Resolution Airborne Geophysical Data covering Lupa Goldfield, and Singida and Handeni Corridor in Tanzania.

The Data was acquired in 2012 and 2013 Geotech Airborne Limited by Sander Geophysics Limited. Data Sander control was done by British Geological Survey in Collaboration with GST.

The ultimate goal of the airborne geophysics was to delineate targets for discovery of the new mineral deposits which will attract exploration investment in the mineral sector.

The regional airborne geophysical survey comprised of a 556,880 line kilometer fixed wing Magnetic and Radiometric Survey at a line spacing of 250m, ground clearance of 60m and 2,500m tie line spacing. Also a total of 57,980 line kilometer fixed wing Gravity survey has been flown utilizing 2,500m line spacing, ground clearance of 60m and 17,500m... Read More »

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